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Help with Self-Esteem issues

REBT can be successfully applied to a wide range of emotional issues including Self-Esteem.

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What are the issues with Self-esteem?

Worrying about how you are perceived, and then being hard on your abilities, personality or thoughts because of this can be exhausting in any situation. No number of motivational memes alone are going to help you reframe the concept of self-evaluation and worth, but with structured REBT sessions which address the beliefs you have about yourself, you will be able to form a helpful and realistic understanding of your strengths and fallibilities.

What are you feeling?

It may be a SELF-ESTEEM issue if you’re experiencing:

  • Worry about negative judgement
  • An overly critical ‘inner voice’
  • Avoiding new situations or trying new things
  • Beliefs that nobody cares for you

When is it triggered?

  • Work pressures and/or presentations
  • Family issues
  • Social situations