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Traditional coaching can often focus on business theory
or motivational memes – but at the heart of any collaborative workforce are people whose wellbeing does not clock off..

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It’s been common to separate individuals from the work that they do, but how we view ourselves, form relationships and navigate the wider world are key to the kind of colleague or leader we become.  The nature of REBT as a transdiagnostic practice (meaning its the same model for whatever the emotional issue), means that it’s an excellent structure to employ as a way of developing healthy thinking practises. The insight, “People are not disturbed by events themselves, but by the beliefs they hold about them” is credited to stoic philosopher Epictetus, and this becomes the basis of the sessions that I deliver. There are often common obstacles which we face in the work environment which echo how we operate in the world – fear of negative judgement, perfectionism, performance anxiety, assertiveness – and these can all be targeted for individuals with my guidance and your colleague’s willingness to identify core beliefs about themselves and what they expect from the world. 

"People are not disturbed by events themselves, but by the beliefs they hold about them"
Recognising when we hold rigid beliefs about ourselves and others is the key to developing to a healthier philosophical outlook

How I can help..

It’s natural that staff will have differing needs at different times. The people you support may experience personal difficulties affecting their work, or there may be concerns which are raised as part of your review cycle – or even an ongoing mental health policy which encourages regular client contact and check-ins. I am open to discuss how best to support your organisation with integrity and confidentiality at the heart of our work together. 

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