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I’m finally ready to change the way I view life’s problems…”

You’re living with a challenging and emotional issue, but the way you’ve been dealing with it just hasn’t helped so far. Marcus Bowery offers you a talking therapy which teaches an alternative way of thinking, practical skills to help you manage emotional obstacles and a kinder, more accepting way to speak to yourself.

Change is possible...

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It can be difficult to take the first step

There are some things you’d probably like to know…That you’re in safe hands. That you won’t be judged. That you will be valued, as will whatever issue you want to talk about. All of these are true. Using talking therapy in the form of REBT: Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, I will guide you to identify any unhealthy demands that you may hold, and help you develop healthy, rational ones instead. Find out if REBT is for you…

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A plan that maps out your path to change

Some talking therapies can go on for years and still leave people feeling no better off. A typical plan with me consists of 8-10 sessions, where we work together to assess your specific issue, set a goal to work towards and develop new thinking skills to help get you there. You’ll have your own work to do too, but we do it as a team, and I’m there to support you. You will see your progress and be motivated towards a happier you.

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Lifelong skills you can apply to other areas of life

This is not a one-mind-fits-all therapy, but there are core skills you will learn which will help shape a philosophical shift in the way you view the world. The journey begins here and whilst working on the specific issues you came with, you can be confident that you will develop the tools you need to be your own therapist and nurture your mind going forward.

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Hi, I’m Marcus Bowery

I practise REBT, a mode of CBT which I truly believe in, because I’ve seen it help both family and clients evolve into happier, more content, more resilient (but still imperfect!) people. I form a close and supportive bond with the clients I work with and love seeing the progress they make. REBT is practical. It’s rooted in reality as it is, not as we often see it. It gets to the heart of the beliefs we hold which underpin the emotions we experience.