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Help with Anger

REBT can be successfully applied to a wide range of emotional issues including Anger issues.

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What is unhealthy Anger?

Anger is a powerful emotion. Most of us are familiar with the costs of anger; aggressive behaviour will inevitably have a toll on our relationships with friends, significant others, family and co-workers. Anger also gets bad press, but harnessed in the right way and used rationally, we can defeat our adversaries, move mountains for ourselves and loved ones, become more assertive and motivated. However, some of us crack the whip too hard, too loud and too often on others and ourselves in self-defeating ways. REBT can help solve that.

What are you feeling?

It may be UNHEALTHY ANGER if you’re experiencing

  • Thoughts of revenge
  • Emotional or physical outbursts
  • Unresolved feelings

When is it triggered?

  • Other people break your ‘rules’
  • Driving
  • Family disputes
  • Online abuse/trolling