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How it works

Not just feeling better – getting better

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Begin with the end in mind

One of the first things I ask a client is; “What would you like to get out of these sessions?” Without knowing what you’d like the outcome to be, it would be challenging for you and I to know if you were making progress, so setting an achievable goal is an essential part of our process. Through reflection, scoring and real-life evidence, we are able to assess how you’re doing, as well as help you navigate any obstacles to change.

Making it work for you

Although each client receives a personalised service depending on their needs, the general structure of sessions is as follows;

Within these sessions, there are opportunities for teaching specific skills and developing techniques eg. assertiveness training, conflict management. I also use an integrative approach, drawing on elements of Mindfulness and Compassion Focused Therapy among others, should they be appropriate.


Weekly sessions for adults last about an hour and cost £60.

45-minute sessions for children and adolescents cost £45.

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Working virtually through Zoom has been a convenient and effective way to deliver sessions to my clients in recent times, however, I can now offer face-to-face meetings in Hove. Arrangements for this can be made during our initial discussions.