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Help with OCD

REBT can be successfully applied to a wide range of emotional issues including OCD.

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What is OCD?

OCD has two main features: obsessions, such as constant unpleasant and intrusive thoughts about issues such as contamination and symmetry; and compulsions, the irresistible urge to behave in a certain way. Men and women are equally affected, but a common theme is a rigidly held belief that things must be controlled or risk omitted completely from life. We would work to identify these unhelpful beliefs, challenge them and support with Exposure Response Prevention behavioural work. See how REBT can help free you from this cycle.

What are you feeling?

It may be OCD if you’re experiencing:

  • Perfectionism
  • Behaviours which impact plans
  • Compulsive behaviours
  • Intrusive, repetitive thoughts and/or behaviours

When is it triggered?

  • Leaving your home
  • Fear of illness/infection
  • Public transport
  • Busy places
  • Not being in ‘control’